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CW Healing - Nature, Yoga, & Financial Freedom

At first glance, Catherine Wortmann’s business description seems an eclectic breadth of services to help her clients find passion and purpose in life. She offers workshops, group classes, and private sessions ranging from Yoga and Reiki to Financial Freedom. So what’s the connection?

“Everything is about energy and information,” explains Catherine. “It’s all about the ‘mind stuff’ or ‘chita’ as is it referred to in sanskrit. Whether we’re trying to process the stresses of the day or working on long-term goals like financial freedom, it’s mindfulness that gets us there.”

2009 was a bad time to graduate with a degree in finance. Utter chaos in the financial world with subprime lending at its highest and too many borrowers given loans they couldn’t afford. A university student during the worst of it, Catherine found yoga as a way to compensate for the distaste of, and lack of jobs in the finance industry at that time. She completed her first Yoga Teacher training program in 2013.

Wortmann grew up loving the outdoors, with family and connections in the US Forest Service. She moved to Groveland in 2011 after taking a seasonal fire job on Engine 45 out of Kinsley Station. In 2013, she was introduced to Balanced Rock Foundation. A new Yoga teacher, she was totally starstruck by this cool group of outdoor yogis based in southern Yosemite.

Yosemite Chamber's newest non-profit member, Balanced Rock Foundation offers backpacking retreats, weekend camping retreats, day-hikes, workshops, yoga teacher trainings, immersions and lodge-based programs that focus on inward reflection, coupled with outward exploration of this incredible place. Balanced Rock’s deep connection with nature and spirit resonated with Catherine, and she is now one of the foundation's adventure guides and offers retreats through Balanced Rock.

“The fastest way to get someone to connect to the present moment is in nature. “Hiking, backpacking, and (horse) trail riding are all activities I grew up loving,” says Catherine. “I love SUP (Stand Up Paddle) because anyone can do it, and water is fun. Adding a bit of yoga or meditation to an outdoor activity completes the experience.”

The marriage of yoga, mindfulness and outdoor adventure inspired Catherine to take further steps, so she became certified with the Professional Stand-up Paddle Association as an instructor /guide. She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder, and continues her lifelong learning in both the wellness and finance realms. She is currently completing her Reiki Master Candidacy, 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, as well as studying for the special enrolment exam with the IRS to become an Enrolled Agent.

Catherine recognizes the overwhelming love and need to help one another in this community and envisions sustainable growth that will make Groveland a better place for everyone. She is currently working to bring a shared space to our community that offers a variety of wellness disciplines beyond yoga in the form of a Groveland Healing Arts Center.

CW Healing is her business name. She is Catherine Wortmann, a real human on her own journey. “When we focus on healing ourselves we change our vibration. This impacts the entire planet, starting with our community. I look forward to this journey together.”

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