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49er Festival: Buckaroo Bill Bellies Up to the Beer Booth

Back in Hot Chili Charlie’s day, it was guys like Buckaroo Bill you could count on to step up when the step needed uppin’. Bill’s the first guy who’ll roll up his sleeves and rally the troops to git ‘er done. A quiet sort…unless he’s been sippin’ on some of that moonshine he’s been known to brew up out in the old barn. Y’all would be surprised how high Buckaroo Bill can kick up his heels when he’s had a bit of shine and he’s of a mind.

When Chili Charlie put out the call, Bill went and rounded up his do-gooder friends who know a bit about brewin’ and pourin’ to put on the 49er Festival’s Beer & Wine concession. All that pourin’ and drinkin’ on Festival Day will benefit the Groveland Rotary, some of whom know a bit about that themselves.

Our friends and neighbors who call themselves “Rotarians” are a quiet bunch too, but they do some powerful good for our community. We all know them for their big annual ShrimpFest out at the PML Equestrian Center (coming up on August 19) and they’ve been known to smoke up a mean tri-tip at festivals gone by. But did you know that the Groveland Rotary donated and installed a state-of-the-art flat-screen TV in the Groveland Community Hall? Did you know that in August of 2018, the Groveland Rotary donated $5000 towards restoration of Mary Laveroni Park following the Great Flood of 2018? Our Groveland Rotary honors and supports local veterans, and regularly contributes to the Food Closet.

Get ready to belly up to the Groveland Rotary Beer Bar on September 16 and have a brew with Buckaroo Bill. If you’re of a mind to learn more about becoming a Rotarian, give Greg Cramblit a ring on 209-962-0607 or email him at

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