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2022 County Goalsetting: You Have a Voice!

By Supervisor Kathleen Haff, Tuolumne County District 4

The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors will be convening a workshop in early February 2022 to decide what the goals will be for 2022. Establishing goals helps give our county direction and informs administration of where to put staff resources for the most important priorities.

As the Supervisor for District 4, and a supervisor for the entire county, I can’t fully decide what is most important without YOU and your input! So, I am asking you to weigh in. Here are the goals we had in place for last year:

2021 Strategic Goals & Objectives

1. Prevent Loss of Life and Reduce Property Damage Due to Catastrophic Fire by Creating a Strategic Plan for Wildfire Preparations


1.1: Reduce Risk Through Fuels Management on Public and Private Lands;

1.2: Secure Sustainable/Long-Term Funding for Fire Protective Services and Vegetation Management;

1.3: Foster Community Participation and Engagement in Fire Prevention and Education Measures.

2. Community and Family Health


2.1: Reduce the Negative Impact of Covid-19 on our Community and Advocate for Local Control.

2.2: Address Emergency Needs in Homeless Communities and Collaborate with Public and Private Partnerships to Combat Homelessness.

3. Implement Economic Planning and Development Efforts to Meet Current and Future Community Needs


3.1: Develop Policy and Coordinating Activities to Improve Broadband Accessibility.

3.2: Align Zoning with General Plan to Streamline Housing and Commercial Development Opportunities.

3.3: Explore Creative Land Use and Zoning Options to Provide Greater Flexibility.

4. Modernize Government and Increase Effectiveness to Better Serve the Community


4.1: Maximize Utilization of Open.Gov to Increase Transparency Streamline Processes.

4.2: Improve Website Functionality and Usability to Enhance User Experience.

4.3: Recognize the Value of Employee Development and Encourage Professional Growth to Better Serve the Community.

4.4: Update Internal Policies to Ensure Objectivity and Consistency in Personnel and Business Continuity.

4.5: Develop Employee Recruitment and Retention Strategy to Better Serve the Community and Meet Board Goals and Objectives.

5. Roads and Infrastructure