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Groveland Hotel - First Ever Chili Cook-Off Sponsor Searches for Locals Choice Chili

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

It's a first for the 49er Festival Chili Cook-Off and the first for the Groveland Hotel and Provisions Restaurant.

And there's more. Provisions Chef Sean Dunn will be joining the regular legion of judges from the Congressional Gunfighters of America. And, he has created four chili recipes, to be served and enjoyed over a four-week period, so WE can name the Locals Choice. Now that will be tons of fun and we may just find Chili Charlie's favorite.

FIRST CHILI CONTENDER: Available Wednesday, August 17 to Saturday, August 20 from 3pm to close each day. And, since Chef Sean is making small batches...when it's gone, it's gone.

The first small-batch chili is a HOT traditional Texarkana Chili. Ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and heat. Eight dollars for a cornbread cup filled to the top or $12 for a filled cornbread bowl. Milk (heat humor here) $20 a glass.

SECOND CHILI CONTENDER: Available Wednesday, August 24 to Saturday, August 27 from 3pm to close each day. Again, make your plans early because when it's gone it's gone.

The second small-batch chili is Green Chili with Pork. Pozole style chili with jalapenos, hominy and slow braised pork. Same cup and bowl servings and pricing.

The first two weeks in September will showcase the last two small-batch chili recipe options. Watch for Part 2 for the final two flavors.

NOTE: After you enjoy your chili, you will be asked to rank it from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. At the end of the four weeks, the tally will reveal the Locals Choice in chili. Chef Sean will make it at the 49er Festival Chili Cook-Off as a special exhibition treat for all Chili Tasters to savor.

Get your taste buds ready for some fun (and heat).

49er Festival Chili Tasting Kits will go on sale online August 26 for pre-orders/pick-up on Friday afternoon September 16 at The Groveland or onsite on Festival Day. Order in advance to get Hot Chili Charlie's pre-sales price of $8!


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