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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

On May 5th, 1862, the Mexican army, heavily outnumbered, took on the MIGHTY French Army (I chuckle every time I read that) in the tiny state of Puebla, Mexico. Against all odds, the Mexican Army won (did the French stop for croissants and brie cheese?). In the history of military victories and battles, this date and victory by the soon to be crushed Mexican Army is trivial.

HOWEVER, somewhere around the 1960s the beer and spirit companies in America decided to advertise celebrating the 5th of May as Mexican Independence Day. Let’s face it. Americans love to celebrate. And, to no surprise, Cinco de Mayo, the party, was born.

Some of you may be wondering how Cinco de Mayo has anything to do with cooking food and at this point in the article I would say you are correct, but I believe I can change that with one word….TACO.

We love Tacos! By the grace of God , we live in California and can have authentic tacos with braised meat, Pico de Gallo, Cotija cheese and amazing salsas any day, or we can indulge in America's favorite Mexican restaurant (Taco Bell) and enjoy Americas favorite hard-shell taco with ground beef, crisp iceberg lettuce and cheddar cheese. I am certainly not here to Taco-shame anyone, but I am here to say that life without tacos would be awful and not my favorite way to live. Portable, quick, filling, flavorful and inexpensive, tacos are literally the quintessential American food.

Tacos are not only versatile, (they literally can be made to fit any diet and budget) but tacos are also cool. Have you ever walked by someone eating a taco and not subconsciously said “man I wish I had a taco”? Tacos, in my opinion, are the true reason to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the French 160 years ago.

I am not going to give you a recipe for Tacos, because everyone already has a favorite. I am not going to give you my secrets to the best taco ever, because the woman who makes them at Guadalajara’s restaurant in Fresno would never speak to me again. But what I will give you is this, a CELEBRATION!

That’s right! From the people who brought you the GREATEST MARDI GRAS CELEBRATION IN GROVELAND HISTORY (I mean it was pretty good) we at Provisions Grill would like to invite you to join us May 5th for a celebration of all things taco.

We will have vegetarian tacos, authentic tacos and Taco Bell style tacos, along with amazing apps and churros! We’ll even have a piñata with good old fashion candy and, if I can figure out a way to put tacos into it, they will be there, too.

I know this article doesn’t teach you my methods on how to cook anything, but Chefs are multifaceted and complex. Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and this time we just want to party with tacos and tequila and do that with my friends in Groveland! Come join me. Meet our new bar manager, Katy, and our new bartender, Sidney. Oh, and Kalynn will be here, too of course. We’re all here to serve you. The fun begins at 5pm.

Chef Sean

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