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Yosemite Hwy 120 Chamber Forms Yosemite Northern Gateway Beautification Committee

The beautification of our Hwy 120 corridor has been a discussion for a several years, “but it’s not going to be a discussion anymore,” said Bob Turney, President of the Yosemite Hwy 120 Chamber of Commerce, as he addressed members during the annual meeting on Tuesday, November 2 at Two Guys Pizza Pies. “We are in the process of finalizing a Committee that will be co-chaired by Patti Beaulieu, Helping Hands Thrift Store and Furniture Barn, and our very own Patricia Epp, Vice President.”

With the submission of an application earmarked for beautification, Visit Tuolumne County awarded the Yosemite Hwy 120 Chamber of Commerce $2500 to be used toward the purchase, placement, and maintenance of garbage cans. This seed money is a great kick-off toward solving a need that has been on the downtown community’s radar for quite some time.

The committee already has three members: Earl Wright, Pizza Factory and Hungry Bear Cafe; Bob Turney, Yosemite Adventure Supplies; and Elisabeth Barton, Echo Adventures. We’re looking for a few more community-minded individuals to serve on the committee; people who want to see this project through and really help make a difference. Our first task is developing a trash can program in downtown Groveland. The committee will determine: how many trash cans do we need? Where should they be placed? What should they look like? How often does the trash need to be picked up? And, finally, how do we sustain the program?

After that? Well, the sky’s the limit but many are already talking about beautiful flower baskets from the top of Priest Grade to the east end of Groveland that are both planted and maintained each spring.

This is a ground floor opportunity to get involved in the community we all care about so much. Interested? If you've a business or interest on the Hwy. 120 Corridor, join us for the first meeting on Tuesday, November 30 at 5:30 pm at Groveland's Pizza Factory. Need more information? Call the Yosemite Chamber 209.962.0429 or email Patricia Epp at or Patti Beaulieu at

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