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Yosemite Chamber: 40 World Series: 0

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It wasn’t World Series Game 6 that packed the parking lot at Two Guys Pizza Pies last Tuesday. It was the Yosemite Chamber’s 2021 Annual Meeting, bringing together the most important crowd we know...the owners/operators of our local businesses and community organizations. Members turned out in record numbers for the Chamber’s recap of 2020-2021--a true watershed year, when the board dealt with changes that have affected our community, our county, our state, and our world. Attendees learned first-hand of strategic goals and actions that will help our businesses get ahead of our evolving local economy, the announcement of a new Chamber-led program to beautify Main Street, and the unveiling of the new website which will be updated regularly for local news and events.

Forty attendees representing thirty-one local businesses filled the room with so much networking, it took President Bob Turney a good twenty whacks of his gavel to call the formal meeting to order. Whether it was the engaging content or the great raffle prizes, the audience was both attentive and appreciative of the work done by the Chamber team this past year.

It takes a team of business- and community-minded volunteers to build a stronger, more prosperous Highway 120 gateway to Yosemite. Thanks to our members and guests who took the time to attend the 2021 annual meeting and to be involved in our community’s success. We’ve got our scouts out looking for passionate, dedicated, and talented people to join a project, co-chair a committee, even join the board of directors to make our collective dreams a reality. If you fit that description, the Chamber of Commerce wants you on our team.

Between the delicious pizza and seamless service (thank you Team Two Guys!), fantastic raffle prizes, and content-rich presentations, it was a clear win for everyone.


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