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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

On Monday, January 4, Kathleen Haff took the oath of office as Tuolumne County’s District 4 Supervisor. Chamber Secretary Shirley Horn asked her for her thoughts as she begins this important new role.

As District 4’s new Supervisor, what is your most pressing priority on behalf of your constituents?

My first priority is to gain the trust of my constituents in District 4. It is understood that this may take some time to develop. I intend to accomplish this by being impeccable with my word. Meaning: What I say is what I do, and how I act. And that I act in a way that is fully transparent. I also want to demonstrate that I am accountable with our taxpayer’s money. So gaining your trust is my first order of business. Maybe we can talk about my 2nd and 3rd priorities next time?

Two major developments for the Highway 120 corridor are either approved, or in the final stages of approval by the County Board of Supervisors, with at least one more in the queue. Both Under Canvas and Terra Vi have received opposition for lack of adequate emergency services resources, water availability, environmental impact, and more. As Supervisor representing the district that will be most affected by these new developments, what is your position on these projects that you are inheriting? Because both of these projects may end up in court, I cannot comment because I don’t want to do or say anything that may jeopardize the litigation process or affect my ability to be able to vote on the outcome of that litigation. One possible outcome of this potential litigation (among many other possible outcomes) may be a Fair Hearing where the new Board of Supervisors will act as the Judge in the matter. As such, each of us on the Board needs to be part of an impartial hearing body. Those involved in the litigation need their due process.

What is your vision for your District and specifically, the Highway 120 corridor? I have lots of ideas to offer as suggestions for District 4 and specifically Groveland and the south county. But I am just one person and before formulating a true vision, I would want to hold a visioning session for the constituents (business people, service groups, and anyone who wants to become involved as a full-time resident of the area) in the Groveland/Big Oak Flat/Lake Don Pedro area. In the years ahead, what do you want to become known for? What is your collective vision for your region 20-50 years down the road? What are the obstacles to reaching your vision? What are some of the aspects of your community that need to be accentuated? How do we grow our economy locally and still retain a sense of community and natural beauty? What do we absolutely need, in order to reach our collective vision? Do you want to be more prosperous? And if so, in which ways do you want to proper and grow? These are just some of the questions I need to ask, before I have a good sense of how to represent you in YOUR vision for your community.

What’s the best way for your constituents to contact you?

Two ways:

  1. They can call me directly on my office phone 209.533.5526. Please leave a voicemail if I am not in, speaking slowly and clearly, remembering to leave your name and Buy legal Halotestin Carbohydrate intake for Buy legal Halotestin building phone number, Legal Human Growth Hormone online in Australia Nudez reveals Legal Human Growth Hormone online in Australia working in different yoga positions so I can return your call.

  2. They are invited to email me at my work email address: Please note: I am phasing out my campaign email account so I only have one place to go when responding to constituent emails.

Also, once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and I can meet with the community in person, I will be holding office hours once a week in Groveland. These one-on-one meetings will be held at The Little House. I look forward to that day!


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