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Meet Ol’ Obediah - Rich but Not Wealthy

Obediah and Hot Chili Charlie go way back. When Groveland was just springing up, Obediah came here to make his fortune not in gold, but by providing for the miners’ needs. He came here to make a life for himself and his family amongst a community of good folks in this beautiful mountain environment.

Now Ol’ Obediah’s done well for himself but he’s not yet made that fortune. He and his kin work as hard as any miner and times can be tough when nobody’s striking gold. His clothes may be a bit threadbare and snug in spots, but Obediah always looks dapper, starting with his smiling eyes and welcoming demeanor. He finds it hard to say “no” when folks come hat-in-hand asking for donations for the church social or volunteer fire department. Yet, he counts himself a very rich man in many ways.

There’s a lot of Obediah in every one of our Highway 120 business owners. They’re selling real estate, managing and maintaining properties, pouring beverages in great settings, serving up delicious delights, recycling stuff, and a host of other services because this is where they want to be. And while nobody’s making a fortune, they all work very hard and they all care deeply about our community.

Please remember to thank our modern-day Obediahs for stepping up once again to make the 49er Festival a success. Their 49er Festival sponsorships, partnerships, and donations of raffle prizes and auction items show just how much they care about supporting our local volunteer-run nonprofits who, in turn, support our community.

For information on 49er Festival sponsorship and visibility opportunities, and to pledge raffle or auction prizes, email Shirley Horn at or call her at 209-552-9220.

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