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Kids Adventure Zone: Steppin' Up Our Games

Dizzie Chickens Electric Train will delight Festival-goers in 2023.

This year’s 49er Festival Kids Zone isn’t just any old place to plop your young ‘uns and wander off. Kids and adults alike will get a big kick out of the new-and-improved place to play on Festival Day.

First up, let’s give a big Shout Out to Kids Adventure Zone co-sponsors Rush Creek Lodge/Evergreen Lodge and Kiefer Insurance Agency. You couldn’t ask for better folks to help us put together a special place to show our kids just how crazy-wonderful it is to be here in the biggest and best playground in the world.

Co-sponsors Rush Creek Lodge and Evergreen Lodge raise the bar on what “family-friendly” means as a vacation experience. Although the internet is available at both properties, the simple lack of a TV in the rooms and cabins signals precious time to be spent interacting with each other and with the beautiful nature that envelopes both resorts.

Kiefer Insurance Agency makes the perfect match as co-sponsor of the Kids Adventure Zone. After all, what other reason to purchase a property and put down roots here than as an investment for family and future? Our friends at Kiefer Insurance Agency have been providing insurance protection here in our Adventure Zone for more than two decades. This is their fifteenth year as a major sponsor of the 49er Festival. And although the cost and face of property insurance continues to change, John and Tonie Kiefer continue to evolve their business to help us protect our legacy investments.

Thanks to Rush Creek/Evergreen and Kiefer Insurance, we’re able to add some mega-cool options for our 49er Festival Families. High on the awesome list is the Dizzie Chickens electric train. It’s a fun, safe ride and a great photo opp to share with family and friends. Only 5 bucks a ride (get it? Dizzie Chickens? Bucks?) (under 3’s on adult lap ride free), the Dizzie Chickens train is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The kids will love bouncing and scrambling through this 48-foot-long gauntlet, complete with a slide.

Few can resist the fun of a Bounce House, so we’re bringing it in a big way with 48 feet of inflatable bouncing Obstacle Course with its own Slide. Sorry Mom, Dad, and Teens…this one’s only for the kiddies. Ages 6-10 can bounce and and scramble themselves silly in small groups of similar ages/sizes. The 49er Festival will have a supervisor on duty while the Bounce House is in operation, but a parent or related adult will be required to remain in the immediate area during their child’s playtime. Again thanks to our co-sponsors, the Bounce House/Obstacle Course is FREE for the kids.

Speaking of photo opps, Daring Daisy will be on hand with a full-sized backdrop and lots of great props for the kids to create their own photo memories of the 49er Festival experience. Come dressed in your own western adventure costume; add a few props to create some seriously postable pics. Twister, water pistol games, fun with the US Forest Service, Smokey Bear, and other cool stuff will round out the Kids Adventure Zone.

Watch @yosemitechamber Facebook and Instagram for news on what’s cookin’ at the 2023 49er Festival & Chili Cook-Off.

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