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Hometown Customer Service, World-Class Quality

Kevin N’ Randi’s Old Fashioned Meat Market and Deli

Kevin and Randi have rejoined the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce and we couldn’t be more delighted. Here are a few tasty tidbits we bet you didn’t know about our local meat market & deli.

They met on Aisle 6 at Mar-Val Food Store in Groveland. Kevin was the meat manager and Randi was a freight worker. Both wanted to use their grocery industry experience to create a customer base of their own. They became a couple in 2012, opened Kevin N’ Randi’s Old Fashioned Meat Market and Deli on April 14, 2014, and tied the knot right out in front of their shop one year later.

“We’ve been told by many that we’re a destination when coming to Yosemite,” says Randi, originally from Greeley Hill. “We’re getting more tourists and new local customers, and our business continues to grow every year.”

Kevin, the master of meats, grew up in the Merced area. They chose to settle in Groveland for the simple reason that they love it here. “We love our locals,” said Kevin. “Seeing people enjoy Yosemite and providing the best products to our customers makes us happy.”

Aside from the fact that everybody knows Kevin and Randi (and almost nobody knows, or needs to know, th