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Home on the Range - Ranch Revived

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Rustic is in. Retro is in. Up here on the Hill, home to acres of sprawling pastureland, ranch is where it’s at. Owner/operator of Ranch Revived AND a working horse and cattle ranch, Joanie Gisler brings it to downtown Groveland.

Locally born, Joanie was raised a cowgirl and horsewoman. surrounded by the colors, designs, and textures of ranch life. She attended Big Oak Flat primary school and, along with schoolmates and lifelong friends like Alan Moore (Moore Brothers) and Galen Wight (CalTrans Supervisor, Groveland Station), was bussed to town for lunch and sports activities daily at what’s now Premier Valley Bank, which then housed the school district’s administrative offices, cafeteria, upper elementary grades, and sports courts. She was part of Tenaya Elementary School’s inaugural class. “We were ranch kids,” says Joanie. “We weren’t used to anything that was new. I can still remember what it smelled like as a second-grader to sit in that brand-new classroom.”

Joanie’s love of early California and Spanish revival designs, Oriental art, Native American art and textiles, and mid-century modern, coupled with a background in interior design and retail, inspired her to bring it all home in a more meaningful way. With professional experience in business and human services, she diversified from her working horse and cattle ranch in Big Oak Flat and opened Ranch Revived in May, 2016.

As a woman-owned business, Ranch Revived provides Joanie with balance…a yin-yang… between the up-at-dawn-in-any-weather chaos of caring for the animals, clearing her property, taking advantage of safe burn days, for example, and the more predictable world of being a downtown merchant, which provides welcome human interaction with visitors and her hometown peeps. She shares her philosophy of personal balance with Ranch Revived’s customers.

“I really believe customers should keep and use their favorite items,” says Joan, who offers design consultation as well as an ever-changing mix of eclectic and often one-of-a-kind products. “Repurposing favorite pieces or rearranging rooms, then accessorizing with something new and fresh can completely change the look of your home without a huge budget.” And for so many, there’s something indescribably special about the beauty, touch, aroma, and comfort of being surrounded by simple, natural things.

In the retail trade, location isn’t just the first thing, it’s everything (running in close second is offering products or services that people want). Given Joanie’s penchant for preserving the past in a contemporary way, it’s not a coincidence that Ranch Revived resides in the historic DeFerrari House.

Built in 1899 by Henry DeFerrari for his new bride, Rose Cassaretto, Henry had the house built in the Queen Anne style, which was considered expensive and quite upmarket at the turn of the 20th century.

The DeFerrari House was moved 30 feet to become the anchor for what is now Groveland's Leisure Center.

In the 1980’s, local developer John Stone had the house moved 30 feet and extended the buildings to encompass what’s now the Leisure Center, housing a number of our downtown businesses. Stone retained the Queen Anne gabled rooflines and color palette to preserve the historic look-and-feel of our town. Stop by and Joanie will show you Ranch Revived’s original porch and twin gables so indicative of that golden era in our town’s history.

If you think you’ve seen everything at Ranch Revived, think again. There’s always something new in the shop - original works, metal craft, local art, you-name-it. Joan is ever on the lookout for retro and vintage treasures, well-made USA products, and local suppliers. You can be sure she’ll have a great selection of her most popular items: premium cowhides, natural fiber blankets, brass bells, beeswax candles, glassware, and of course, real Texas Longhorns.

Joanie Gisler is a firm advocate in small businesses supporting one another. Hence, you’ll spot many of Ranch Revived’s treasures adorning Echo Adventure Loft, Hotel Charlotte, Around the Horn Brewing Company, Red Tail Ranch, Miners Mart, Kevin ‘n Randi’s Meat Market, Brightfire Boutique, Threads, Bella Donna Salon... to name a few! “I am so grateful to fellow business members and my loyal customer base for supporting and promoting our town,” she told us (and so we’re telling you!)

We’re grateful to you, Joan Gisler, for giving us Ranch Revived with premium quality, locally-crafted and American-made products, and your eye for beauty, backed by hometown business values that you can trust. Just like down on the ranch.

Ranch Revived helped inspire and design Echo Adventure's Yosemite Basecamp Loft and Outfitters as an homage to Groveland’s rich ranching history. And could there be a more appropriate setting for a pair of Longhorns than Around The Horn Brewing Company?

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