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Groveland Girl Returns to Build a Business

Happening on Back Street: The Wine Rush

A major attraction of our small mountain town is the lack of big brands and the number of family-owned and operated businesses like Sierra Mac River Trips, The Grove Mercantile, Miner’s Mart, Hotel Charlotte, Iron Door Saloon, Top of the Trail Tea & Coffee, Motherlode Made, Trail Less Traveled, Around The Horn, and more. Next Spring, we’ll be welcoming the Borup family to that growing list of new businesses when they pop the cork on The Wine Rush.

7-year-old Eve enjoys a glass of sparkling cider on the Pine Mountain Lake water taxi.

Long-time residents Lauree and Tom Borup are well-known around these parts. Their daughter Eve was born and raised in Groveland, attended Tenaya Elementary School, and graduated in Tioga High’s class of 2004. Twenty years after leaving the nest to pursue a degree in Business & Marketing, work in several industries and live in four different cities, Eve is coming home to create a business in the heart of downtown. The Wine Rush will offer wine tastings at a reasonable price, with the hope that customers will enjoy what they've sampled so much that they can't leave without taking something to go.

The Borups’ vision is to create a fun and relaxing environment to sip wines from family-owned vineyards all over California and beyond in an open garden area. Property owner Leonard Cassaretto is building to suit their dream. His Back Street location is the ideal spot: spacious and accessible, and already adorned with several beautiful huge cedar trees.

Eve currently pours for DNA Wine Lounge in Granite Bay, CA.

“Groveland was the natural selection,” said Eve. “Our town has the unique benefit of having a tight-knit community where locals support and embrace small businesses, as well as being able to host thousands of travelers each year. People who live here know what a treasure this community is, and I am excited to be a part of it again.”

There’s much to be done when you’re literally building a new business from the ground up. In a perfect world, Eve plans to open in Spring 2025. Let’s raise a glass in anticipation of The Wine Rush.


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