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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Remarks by Tuolumne County District 4 Supervisor Kathleen Haff

Today is a day of commemoration. I tend to think of life symbolically.

This construction, now underway for the Groveland Community Resilience Center, can be likened to the gestation period for a baby. Although… it will take a bit longer than 9 months! The physical structure, the center itself, is in the process of creation right here in this spot. However, this process actually started long ago when many of you came together to begin the planning process. The goals that you set for the Groveland Resilience Center were incorporated into the design.

In a nutshell, what you, the Groveland citizen planners envisioned was a facility that:

  • fosters social cohesion,

  • provides a variety of services, programs and outreach efforts,

  • is a place to learn new skills,

  • or celebrate an event

  • or to connect with others.

So, in about a year, this building complete with beautiful grounds and an expansive parking lot will be finished and birthed into this world. Like any good parent or guardian, it is up to us to be the best caretaker possible. How will we nurture the well being of this new facility? This is a question for each of you to ponder in the months ahead…

What do we want this Center to BE in our world?

Fortunately, we have some time to prepare. Last week, I asked a handful of thoughtful community members what they envisioned for this center.

Here is a sampling of the inspiring thoughts I received…

  • From Shirley: The Resilience Center represents a “Coming of Age” for our community. Groveland plays a vital part in the economic success of our County. I hope to see Groveland recognized more fully for the availability and quality of events and activities that will be hosted here…and to see more of our neighbors and friends in this new gathering place.

  • From Rick: I’d like to see a much-needed facility for residents who would suffer the most and seek relief from hot spells, cold spells and planned or non-planned power outages. Also, I envision the Center as the new venue for this community’s annual Thanksgiving Day Feast! A tradition that has been going on for 35 years.

  • From Virginia: We will enjoy having a real community center with meeting rooms, heating and air conditioning and a good place for The Little House – Southside Community Connections activities. I’d like to see educational offerings as well. This week also highlights the need for a cooling center!

  • From Catherine: The Resilience Center will provide a safe haven for our community members during emergency situations and give them peace of mind. In addition, it will be a center where classes, programs and events can take place. This long-awaited Gathering Place will be a benefit to all.

  • From Pete: I would like to see more food grown and food products produced locally and the Resilience Center’s commercial kitchen will be a wonderful way to encourage that. Also, since this Resilience Center came about as the