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Granite Investigations: Hunting the Truth

Michael Hahn is an equalizer…a doggedly determined hunter of facts, data, and sometimes, people. Mike is an award-winning writer of fact and fiction–a talent accompanied by powerful observational skills and the ability to see fine detail in mundane things. Quiet and unassuming, he takes discretion and resourcefulness to a fine art, able to fade into the background unobserved. He is a humanitarian by nature, which explains why he derives his greatest sense of purpose from helping people.

Granite Investigations LLC first came to be in the early 1990’s as Aquarius Investigations, when Michael was a full-time detective in a city of over a million people. With five mouths to feed, he worked many types of protection and investigative jobs after finishing his regular shift. By the time his 28-year public service career ended, he had fifty “hunters” working with him at the Department in the area of sex crime investigations. “We had some very smart, very bad people (to hunt down) and we were very good at it,” says Hahn.

One wonders why a small town like Groveland would need its own Private Investigator. Though Granite Investigations LLC’s license allows him to work anywhere in California, Michael is happy to have a base in Groveland, where many of his cases are more personal in nature (rather than working on behalf of insurance companies, for example). “Most folks luckily never have an urgent, personal need to talk with a P.I.,” said Hahn. “But my favorite cases are the private ones: reuniting adoptees with a loving birth family, trying to find a missing daughter, or helping someone become less afraid.”