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El Dorado Septic Service

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Life in the mountains often means your property is on a septic system. Even if your home is on a sewer line, when things go south in the outhouse, you need a trusted partner to help you out of the deep doo-doo. Chamber member El Dorado Septic Services has been in business with the current owner for 22 years. The Weekly asked office manager Renee Crauthers a few questions about this essential service.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to folks in our community who are on septic? Regular maintenance. Each septic system functions uniquely as it adapts to its users. All septic systems require some kind of maintenance. Standard systems may require only occasional monitoring with periodic pumping. More advanced systems with pumps and mechanically components should be monitored more frequently due to mechanically components wear out and need to be replaced. We've welcomed quite a few new homeowners to our community recently. What kind of due diligence would you recommend a home buyer do to find out more about a septic system on a property they are looking to purchase? They should get a septic inspection by a qualified professional as part of their home inspection process. This will help determine if there are any deficiencies with the septic system. Do you have any specials that our readers should know about? We don't typically run promotions but we do offer a senior discount on pumpings.

Are there any services you offer that people might be surprised to learn about? We service all aspects of septic and sewer. We also rent portable toilets and have “luxury” portable toilet trailers for special events. What's the best part about serving Tuolumne County? Serving the community where the owners and the majority of the Company’s employees were raised. El Dorado Septic Services is in Sonora. They can be reached at 209-586-1623 Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

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