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Image by Aniket Deole

Artists & Craftsmen

Black Bear Mosaics

Mosaics, and workshops, and gifts, Oh My!

Horn Family Enterprises LLC

Retired marketing exec doing what she loves...creating new businesses and products.

Maggie Bean Glass

Maggie Bean was drawn to the flame and brings her glassblowing talents to produce one-of-a-kind art pieces and teach entry level workshops.

Maid of Metal

Using metal and other reclaimed and/or new materials, Maid of Metal fabricates a delightful range of art from garden art to truck receiver inserts, mantle pieces to jewelry.

Sedoo's Redos

"New" clothing and accessories, built with quality, upcycled materials, Sedoo's Redos are conversation pieces and “feel good” clothing, both in their comfort level, and in their contribution to repurposing quality materials. Contributing to sustainability is always a feel good choice.

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