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Who Rocks Your World? - New Employee Recognition Award Program

Do one of these scenarios sound familiar?

‘Bret wouldn’t quit until my satellite tv worked, no matter how hard it rained.’ OR

‘Liz really understands what customer service means. It’s like she’s reading my mind.’

If not, we bet you have one of your own experiences (or two) where someone ‘rocked your world’ with their service and dedication. What did you do? Did you tell anyone? Or did you do anything to show your appreciation? With the Yosemite Highway 120 Rock Star Award program – now you can do something.

The brain-child of Bob Turney, owner of Yosemite Adventure Supplies and president of, the Rock Star Award was inspired by his own employee. “It was during the snowstorm in December, 2021,” recalls Bob. “I was in Mariposa and couldn’t get to the shop because of the snow and ice. Ali, however, who lives closer, literally dug her way out of the snow, got in her car and took care of all the customers who were looking for chains, boots, sleds, snowshoes – because they wanted to play in the snow. And, if you all remember the storm, Ali made the choice to dig her way out two days in a row.”

Bob recalls how it made him feel. “Her dedication and concern for others was way above and beyond what I would expect of anyone. Ali was born and raised right here in the area. To me her actions showed so much about her love of community and concern for others, not to mention dedication to her job.”

When Bob presented the idea to the Yosemite Chamber Board, he shared that he wanted to honor Ali, “and so many others that would likely do the same kind of thing.” And he wanted Yosemite Adventure Supplies and to sponsor the program.

So the Yosemite Highway 120 Rock Star Award was born.. Here’s how it works:

- a person can be nominated by: a member of the public, a fellow employee via their employer, or participating employers supported by a verifiable customer service experience.- eligible employees are anyone employed by a company except the owner(s)

- winners will be selected based on “above-and-beyond” performance and/or the strength of the customer testimonial.

- monthly winners receive $120 ($60 from the sponsor, Yosemite Adventure Supplies, matched by his/her employer).

- an employee can win once a year; participating employers can have two employee winners per year.

There’s also a photo-op, a write-up in the Weekly, posts on Yosemite Chamber FB and IG, and a certificate, a Rock Star window cling decal and accolades from everyone

Current participating employers are:

Pine Mountain Lake Association


Two Guys Pizza Pies

Around the Horn Brewing Company

Pizza Factory

Hungry Bear Cafe

Has an employee of one of these organizations rocked your world lately? Tell us about it and just maybe they’ll be the next winner! We're adding more employers every day.

How do I nominate someone who works for one of the member businesses? Simply write a fabulous review on Yelp or Google, or send an email to Share the story about what the employee did or said to Rock Your World.

And, as a business owner, how can I participate in the monthly Highway 120 Rock Star Award Program? Well, that’s easy. Send an email to and Patricia Epp will fill you in on all the details.


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