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Kalynn Hobson-Reed Named Rock Star for February

Groveland Hotel owner Francisco Lozano congratulates February Rock Star, general manager Kalynn Hobson-Reed.

Yes, Kalynn was surprised.

It was about 6 pm and she and Francisco, owner, Groveland Hotel and Provisions, were working behind the bar. Kalynn was asked who she might know at work that is the embodiment of a 'team player' by working the front desk, coordinating events, and even helping with housekeeping if needed. To top it all, this same person always has a smile on her face and is genuinely happy to greet guests no matter how long her shift or how tough her day.

Did she suspect? Yes. Her jaw dropped and her eyes teared and then the entire restaurant, filled with diners, applauded.

Thank you Rachel Sabatine, owner, Around the Horn Brewing Company, for your glowing personal and Business-to-Business nomination.

Sincere congratulations Kalynn! Well done.


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