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Hero Among Us: Assistant Chief Andy Murphy Retires

Andrew Murphy is a great guy, an awesome family man, a good neighbor, an engaged citizen, and one of the hardest-working fire chiefs you’ll ever meet. He’s been our Assistant Chief here in Groveland since 2018 and Friday morning, Andy will wake up to his first day of retirement.

Chief Murphy began his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter with Sheep Ranch Volunteer Fire Company in 1990. In 1991, he became a seasonal Firefighter I with CAL FIRE at the Copperopolis Fire Station. Chief Murphy became a licensed paramedic through Columbia College, completed his internship with Tuolumne County Ambulance and has worked as a Firefighter 1, Fire Apparatus Engineer, Fire Apparatus Engineer Paramedic, Fire Captain, Fire Crew Captain, Battalion Chief, and is retiring from his distinguished career as an Assistant Chief. Chief Murphy has worked in the Madera - Mariposa - Unit, the Tuolumne - Calaveras Unit, the Santa Clara Unit, and the Copperopolis Fire Protection District. Andy has vast experience working in both Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties which includes Fire Station, Emergency Command Center and Conservation Camp assignments.

Chief Murphy's most recent assignment was the Assistant Chief with oversight of the Tuolumne County Fire Department, Groveland Community Services District Fire Department, and the CAL FIRE TCU Training Bureau.

Chief Murphy made many contributions to Groveland Community Services District and the businesses and residents along Highway 120 in Tuolumne County. He understood the financial hardships that our Groveland fire district has been facing and made it a priority to pursue grant funding. Fueled by Andy’s dogged determination, Groveland Station 78 received over 1.3 million dollars in grant funds while he was our Assistant Chief. He proved to be a great catalyst in developing a positive relationship and understanding between Groveland Community Services District and Tuolumne County, assisting in persuading Tuolumne County to start paying for Amador staffing at the CAL FIRE Groveland station and easing the financial obligations for Groveland Community Services District.