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Groveland Applauds CalTrans for $1.27 million in Clean California Grants

Yosemite Chamber Chief Marketing Officer and Chair of the Hwy 120 Beautification Committee addresses the Groveland business community.

It was a perfect day. A light breeze, the sun shining and a dish of fresh craft ice cream from The Grove Mercantile at the end of the press conference. What could be better than that. Well, how about over $1.2 million in Clean California Grant funds directed to Groveland for three projects.

CalTrans Deputy Director for Planning, Local Assistance and Environmental Support, Marlon Regisford, Tuolumne County Department of Public Works Director, Kim MacFarlane, District 4 Supervisor, Kathleen Haff, GCSD General Manager, Pete Kampa, and Yosemite Chamber's Chief Marketing Officer, Patricia Epp each addressed the crowd.