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Clean California Grant Awarded to Yosemite | Hwy 120 Chamber of Commerce

$220,000 grant focused on Main Street, Groveland Beautification

Groveland, California is a historic community and, as we all know, originally a gold rush town with a rich history which, over time, became a sleepy farming community until the San Francisco Hetch Hetchy water project made it their headquarters.

Today, Groveland is home, our slice of heaven tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A cherished community and the northern gateway to Yosemite National Park, Groveland offers nature, incredible beauty, fascinating history, and a memorable destination for visitors to experience.

Over the years, as Hwy 120 became the most heavily traveled Yosemite Gateway, the streets and sidewalks of Groveland, unfortunately, became a place for visitors to deposit their trash - can, papers, cups, diapers - because there was no convenient place to dispose of them as they walked from business to business. The Yosemite Chamber heard the businesses express their frustration and created a Committee to see if something could be done to remedy the problem.

We learned about the Clean California Grant. But, because of our classification, we, as a Chamber of Commerce, could not apply directly for the grant. However, a little bit of research told us Groveland Community Services District could. We called Pete Kampa, GCSD General Manager, and quickly learned they were applying for their own project to benefit the community. We explained our project and asked if there was a way to add our beautification plans to what they were submitting. No hesitation but one condition. Yes we could but GCSD did not want to put it together or manage this program if the grant was awarded. DEAL MADE!

In two weeks, we did our research and put our plan and budget together for garbage and recycling receptacles, benches, hanging flower baskets and ground flower planters.

As with most grants of this type, there is a match percentage but until the final budget is formalized we won't know what that is. We are, however, already creating sponsorship opportunities to help meet the match requirements and for ongoing maintenance and garbage pick up, two items not eligible for coverage by the grant.

So now the real work begins and we have plenty to do. Interested in being a part? Let us know by emailing


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