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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Our beautiful community has so much for everyone. Mountains, rivers, lakes, trails, adventures of every kind, the tranquility of nature for the less adventurous. And whether you live here full-time, own a vacation or rental property, or just love to come “up the hill” every chance you get, you’d be surprised just how much more our local businesses have to offer.

The “Shop Local, Buy Local” mantra has never been more important as we all struggle to recover from the public health and economic disaster called 2020. So, before you push the ORDER button on your Amazon Prime account, or do a Google search for contracting, carpet cleaning, landscaping, or any other home or auto projects, check out what you can get locally first. And with gas at over $4.00 a gallon, think twice about driving down the hill when you might find it here. The Hwy 120 corridor hosts more than 100 small businesses and countless individual contractors and artisans offering a broad range of products and services, along with dozens of clubs, charities, and organizations focused on improving the quality of life at the top of Old Priest Grade.

Your Chamber of Commerce exists to help improve the visibility and success of our local businesses, individual service providers, artists and craftspeople, clubs, organizations, and charities. The Chamber is offering free membership through October 31 to any local business owner or organization who becomes a 49er Festival metal-level sponsor or donates at least $100 worth of items or services for the Festival’s Silent Auction or raffles. Send a message to or go to for more details.

Before you hit ORDER, search your local businesses first. You’ll be glad you did, and our members will appreciate your business.

PS: What kind of local businesses and services would you like to see up here on the hill? Send us a message at with your suggestions for new business opportunities that you’d support.

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