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Ali Diaz Receives Inaugural Rock Star Award

"Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?" said Ali, as Bob Turney, sponsor of the Yosemite Highway 120 Rock Star Award Program and owner of Yosemite Adventure Supplies asked her to come outside for just a minute. Yes, it was a total surprise and Bob handled it masterfully as he reminded Ali of the kindness and dedication she demonstrated.

"You knew I couldn't get to town with all the snow and ice and you made sure you were here at the store to help anyone and everyone with their needs during the snowstorm." Bob quickly added, "You set the bar, Ali, because not everyone would do that."

Ali went above and beyond to make sure Yosemite Adventure Supplies was open and ready to serve all who needed tire chains, snow gear, toys and accessories to take advantage of the new snowfall over the holidays. Her willingness to go the extra mile was the inspiration for the Yosemite Highway 120 Rock Star Award program.

Thank you, Ali, from all of us and a huge Congratulations! Looks like you rocked the worlds of many people during the December, 2021 snowstorm. Well done!


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