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Yosemite Climbing Association


YCA curates the largest archival collection of Yosemite climbing artifacts in the world, with over 10,000 + pieces of historic gear, publications, images and memorabilia. The Yosemite Climbing Museum, and our partner exhibit in the Yosemite Valley Exploration Center, chronicle the development of climbing equipment, climbing techniques, and the advent of the clean climbing movement, while highlighting the iconic first ascents from 1875 to present day through interpretive exhibits coupled with an outstanding collection of climbing photography.

Recognizing that today is tomorrow’s history, YCA works collaboratively with the National Park Service (NPS), area land use managers, Park partners, and the Yosemite climbing community to develop sustainable use policies, consult on access issues, and institute educational and interpretive programs. Over the years we’ve participated in the development of big wall use policies; helped found and fund the Ask-A-Climber interpretive program; and co-sponsor the Yosemite Climber Steward Program. Now, we’re partnering with the NPS Climbing Rangers to conduct Gym to Crag education and safety programs in the Yosemite area and beyond.

YCA understands that how we as a community care for our public lands determines the level of regulation necessary to protect it, and thereby our future access. Over the last 20 years, YCA’s Facelift® has successfully inspired a diverse group of volunteers, numbering in the thousands annually, to generously give back to Yosemite National Park and other areas by picking up trash and completing essential resource protection projects. Now we’re developing additional education & stewardship programs to further our mission to protect the future of climbing in Yosemite.

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