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Groveland Community Services District

(209) 962-7161

The Groveland Community Services District, located at 18966 FERRETTI ROAD, GROVELAND CA 95321, provides pristine Hetch Hetchy water to over 3,000 homes in the Groveland/Big Oak Flat community. The District maintains over 70 miles of water mains, five water tanks, two full-time and one emergency water treatment plant. The District’s wastewater treatment plant and 35 miles of sewer collection pipes also serves over 1,400 homes in the Groveland/Big Oak Flat community.

In addition to providing water distribution and wastewater collection services, the District also provides exemplary fire protection service through the Groveland Fire Department and manages a number of community parks, including Mary Laveroni Community Park and Leon Rose Ball field.

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