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Claudia Day - doTERRA Wellness Warrior


Claudia Day has been a doTERRA Wellness Warrior since 2014. Although it was never her intention to do this as a business, the oils and other products made such an impact and positive change in her life, she felt lead to share the experience with others. She is not only passionate about the wonders of the oils but also thrilled to be involved with a company such as doTERRA that supports and is involved in so many humanitarian efforts throughout the poorest parts of the world. Claudia is an ardent supporter and activist of O.U.R. - Operation Underground Railroad - an international organization aimed at stopping trafficking in the world. doTERRA also supports O.U.R.

Claudia Day received her Natural Holistic Essential Oils Certification and uses other continuing education opportunities available to increase her working knowledge of the oils to share with others.

Claudia lives in her beloved foothills near Yosemite with her loving husband, Marc Fossum, two black standard poodles, two cats, and chickens. She loves adventuring around the world and is devoted to empowering others to achieve health, education and spiritual wisdom.

How can Essential Oils work for you and your family? Including your pets! You are invited to learn and educate yourself on tools that can change your life. You can host a [FREE] class where you & your guests can actually experience the oils ~ sample the products - ask questions - absorb knowledge!
Or ask Claudia for a private consultation.

Feel better ~ Look better ~ Become empowered!

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