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Daring Daisy: She's No Fragile Flower

Daring Daisy and her pals were created by Bethany Wilkinson of Sabre Design/US Forest Service for the 49er Festival.

Daisy is one tough gal. She came West with her folks and baby brother for the gold back in ‘53. When her kin didn’t make it through the first winter, the 8-year-old buttoned up their cabin and went to live with her best friend, a member of the local Mi-Wuk tribe. The two roamed the Sierra with their bows and arrows, living for days in the majestic wilderness. By the time Daisy was sixteen, she was known throughout the Motherlode as the best guide and tracker this side of Tioga Pass. She moved back into her cabin near Second Garotte and that’s when she met Hot Chili Charlie, who became a mentor and father figure to the sassy young woman.

Daring Daisy got her name not by taking risks but by pushing the envelope of her own capabilities. Her love of the Sierra and concern for the area’s indigenous species are matched by her love of her community. She’s no shrinking violet, either. A natural-born leader, folks around here know they can trust her with their lives. They also know that Daisy will always be one of the first to raise up her bow and say, “How can I help?”

Our modern day Daisies are cut from the same yew tree. They’re working for the US Forest Service and National Park Service, guiding backpacking trips in the High Sierra, leading paddleboard yoga on Tenaya Lake, flying aerial tours over Yosemite Valley, running busy outdoor recreation programs for local resorts, and a host of other professions that marry their love of our vast mountain playground with their expertise and skills. And like Daring Daisy, our community trusts that they’ll help them get where they want to go, whether it’s into the back country or putting on a butt-kickin’ 49er Festival that benefits everyone. Because like Daisy, they’re in it not just for themselves. They are One for All.

You'll soon see Daring Daisy, Hot Chili Charlie, and their friends around town promoting the 49er Festival. Local artist Shirley Horn brought the characters to life-size, ready for lots of Selfies.

Do you see yourself in Daisy? Shoot us a message (by arrow or email to to see how your skills and expertise can help us hit the bullseye with the 2023 49er Festival & Chili Cook-Off. We always need volunteers on the day (Saturday, September 16) and are now accepting donations (cash, gift certificates, products, services, adventures, etc.) to add to the growing stockpile of awesome Silent Auction items and Raffle prizes.

PS: Daisy is also known to make a back country chili that’ll top just about anybody’s. If you make a mean chili, stack it up against reigning champions Wayne & Kathy Miller, MWK Masonry and other contenders at this year’s Chili Cook-Off. Go on. We Double-Dog Dare you!

Email for a Chili Cook-Off application.


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