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About the Art: Groveland Then and Now

Our local history didn't end with the Gold Rush. Our community continued to prosper as local jobs and businesses were created to support the designation of Yosemite as a National Park and major tourist attraction in 1890, and the construction of the Hetch Hetchy Dam to provide water and power to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1900's. Businesses and buildings like the  Hotel Baird (built in 1915 on this property; destroyed by fire in 1919) may have come and gone, but many more have taken their places as our community has developed and continued to grow and thrive as Yosemite's Historic Northern Gateway and the source of adventure and excitement for generations.

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The Community of Groveland: Then and Now

This page, like our waste and recycling receptacles, is under construction. We'll be live with the receptacles and the stories of our artwork this coming 4th of July Weekend. 

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