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Meet Betsy Duncan, Board Member-at-Large

Imagine starting a new job just as the pandemic was hitting. Imagine that new job was in banking, where customer interface is critical to client loyalty and retention. Then imagine doing that for two years, masked and shackled by CDC guidelines and State of California mandates while trying to build those essential relationships in a small and close-knit community.

Welcome Betsy Duncan, on-site manager of Premier Valley Bank since, well, the start of the pandemic, and the newest member of your Yosemite | Highway 120 Chamber of Commerce board. The Chamber has trusted Premier Valley Bank (formerly Yosemite Bank) with our financial assets for years. Premier Valley Bank, through its parent company Heartland Financial USA, Inc. has recently been named a “Forbes Best Bank 2022.”

Your board has been impressed by Betsy’s professional but approachable demeanor and service getting us through several board transitions over the past two years. Imagine how delighted we were when Betsy threw her hat into the ring to serve our business community as a member of the chamber board! By a Board of Directors Virtual Vote on May 9, 2022, Betsy’s nomination was unanimously approved.

Betsy will serve as a board member-at-large for a three-year term through October 31, 2024. Premier Valley Bank is very supportive of Betsy’s bid for the board, but are bound by strict regulations. To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, Betsy is precluded from any Chamber role that requires signatory power over the Chamber’s financial assets.

Betsy was born and raised in the Bay Area on the San Francisco Peninsula. She moved to the Central Sierra 32 years ago and has not looked back. She raised her sons here and though they are not raising their families locally, Betsy loves the natural beauty that surrounds us and the friendly people who reside here. Betsy enjoys long walks around the county’s abundant trails, and teaching her grandchildren the value of history, conservation, and hard work. Her favorite thing to do is a family barbecue.

For many years, Betsy sold real estate in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties, where she was top producing agent in her community. She has experience working with and for developers, sat on and served as President of the Calaveras County Association of Realtors board. Ms. Duncan spent time working in Human Resources and hopes to help member employers maximize the current job pool. She is also a licensed Notary. In her current role as Sales Area/On Site Manager of Premier Valley Bank, she is grateful to work for an organization that truly appreciates its staff and customers.

“My goal is to help the businesses along the Hwy 120 corridor be successful,” said Betsy. “I want to see the good people of Groveland have the best possible quality of life while balancing growth, history, and lifestyle. I also want to see the children of this community reach their full potential and have access to every possible opportunity. I’m grateful to Groveland for welcoming me and to the Chamber of Commerce for valuing my history in the foothills and experience in the work force that will help our community thrive. #Grovelandrocks

You are very welcome, Betsy. To Groveland and to the Yosemite | Highway 120 Chamber of Commerce board of directors. Thank you for seeking out additional ways to serve our community. Let’s do this!


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