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(The) Groveland Loves a Parade

Everybody loves a parade. And unless you’re up on the Hotel Charlotte’s balcony singing the National Anthem (Jackie Sample), giving Opening Remarks (Supervisor Kathleen Haff), acting as a judge, or announcing the many exciting parade entries (MC Bob Turney), there’s no better spot to watch the festivities than The Groveland. Which is why new owners Rajvi Shah and Amar Alapati of Serenite Hotels jumped at the chance to sponsor the 2023 49er Festival Parade. And why The Groveland remains one of our most prominent historic landmarks of the Gold Rush Days.

George Reed, a prominent Gold Rush sawmill operator, built the Groveland Hotel’s original structure sometime between 1849 and 1852 as a trading post and inn. It’s Groveland’s largest adobe building, constructed in the Monterey Colonial style with 18-inch thick walls. Between the 1860’s and 1990, the Groveland was expanded to accommodate Hetch Hetchy project workers and passed through many interactions and owners, serving as a gambling house, saloon, ranger station, business offices, and even a Greyhound bus stop. Rescued in 1990 by Peggy and Grover Mosley who spent two years completing a million-dollar restoration, Jenn and Doug Edwards bought and brought The Groveland up to contemporary standards in the late 2010’s, The Groveland is now in the loving care of entrepreneurs Rajvi Shah and Amar Alapati, whose company, Serenite Hotels owns eight hospitality properties in similar rustic,

historic settings.

“We are small business owner who are seeking to grow Serenite Hotels by building a portfolio of boutique hotels that are enriched with generations of history such as The Groveland Hotel,” said Rajvi Shah. “We are in the business of providing hospitality and want to ensure we are providing every guest that walks through our door a memorable experience while visiting Yosemite Park and Groveland. We believe strongly humility is a prerequisite for those of us in the hospitality business and committed in providing service with kindness.”

The Groveland’s Parade sponsorship includes several generous donations of meals and lodging for the Festival Raffle and the Silent Auction. These donations, along with other major sponsors’ donations, are benefiting the Pine Cone Performers, our area’s most prominent performing arts charity. A portion of those proceeds also supports the Yosemite Chamber’s continued support of the 49er Festival as Highway 120’s most popular annual event.

The Groveland is unquestionably one of our most historic landmarks with a colorful past and an outstanding future. If you haven’t been in to the Artisan Restaurant to try their delicious and eclectic menu, or tasted their specialty cocktails or awesome wine selections, you’re in for a real treat. And, The Groveland will be participating in the 49er Festival’s Exhibition Chili tasting along with Mar-Val and Hotel Charlotte. Add those professionally-prepared chilis to our five Chili Cook-Off contenders, and you’ll taste some mighty-fine recipes on the day.

You can pre-order your 49er Festival Chili Tasting Kit backpack here for the Pre-Sale price of $9. Save $1 and avoid the rush on Festival Day!

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