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Pat Leahy Construction - The Right Tools

“There’s two ways to do things. The right way, and again.”

To Pat Leahy, the “right way” means quality, value, and efficiency…things you don’t achieve if you have to do it again. And for a builder, having the right tools is essential.

Leahy is one of the new generation of builders who knows there’s an app for everything. The construction industry has come a long way from handshakes and nailing boards together. During the pandemic, Pat Leahy Construction started using the project management software BuilderTrend to keep track of all projects. His clients can follow along on progress with updated daily logs, invoicing, selections, pictures, and messaging–a real boon for his clients, many of whom are out-of-area owners. For Leahy, it’s the most important tool in his belt, enabling his team to run six to ten projects simultaneously, stay organized, and be efficient.

It must be working well, because another app, the online contractor vetting, matching, and review platform BuildZoom, ranks Pat Leahy Construction in the top 8% of 336,931 California licensed contractors. Specializing in building and project management, Leahy enjoys “putting the bags on” and working with his full-time crew of three. Known for tackling detailed and challenging projects, Leahy is confident handling everything from new builds to down-to-the-foundation remodels.

Licensed as a General Building Contractor in 2016, Pat Leahy grew up around construction, tagging along to job sites with his dad every chance he got. Leahy & Sons Construction, operating in Groveland for more than thirty years, was the perfect training ground for the eldest Leahy, who worked summers and school holidays for his dad’s firm. “Dad had a really great crew of carpenters and sub-contractors,” says Leahy. “I owe a lot of credit to those guys.”

When asked what advice he’d give to someone considering a new build versus a remodel, his answer was simple. “There are pros and cons to full builds and extensive remodeling. Both take a lot of effort and planning to be successful. Be patient, understanding, and realistic. ”

Pat Leahy Construction has taken entire houses down to the foundation and added in every direction, and they have done full custom homes. Leahy is not a fan of the industry’s use of cost-per-square-foot to estimate a new build. Why? “Every lot is different, clients' requests are different, conditions are different,” Pat explains. “Giving clients a per-foot cost can either set the bar too high or too low and that's where guys can get in trouble.”

Every client has different requirements for what is suitable and sustainable for their lifestyle. “Vision plays a big role. An idea sounds good in your head and then it starts becoming a reality. But there's a lot of puzzle pieces that go into every project. We try to make that idea into a reality in an enjoyable and smooth process.”

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