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GCSD - Transparency Excellence Award

By Roni Lynn Rudy, Community Relations Consultant

Under the direction of General Manager, Pete Kampa, the current Groveland

Community Services District (GCSD) staff and Board of Directors have worked

hard to earn the Transparency Certificate of Excellence Award from the Special

District Leadership Foundation (SDLF). Accepting the award on behalf of the

District were - Pete Kampa (GM), Rachel Pearlman (Board Secretary), and Luis

Melchor (Operations Manager) at the recent California Special Districts

Association Conference in Palm Desert, on September 2, 2022.

The award is in recognition of the District’s outstanding efforts to promote

transparency and good governance. “This award is a testament to Groveland

Community Services District’s commitment to open government,” said, Pete

Kampa, General Manager. “Our staff is to be commended for their contributions

that empower the public with information and facilitate engagement and


To receive the award, GCSD demonstrated the completion of essential

governance transparency requirements, including conducting ethics training for

all board members, properly conducting open and public meetings, and filing

financial transactions and compensation reports to the State Controller in a

timely manner. The GCSD Team far exceeded the necessary requirements to

earn the distinction by meeting all twelve Basic Requirements, all sixteen

Website Requirements, ten out of the eleven Additional Items; in which only four

were required, and five out of six Outreach/Best Practices; in which only two

were required.

The Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) is an independent, non-profit

organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among

California's special districts through certification, accreditation and other

recognition programs.

Learn more at

The California Special Districts Association (CSDA) is a 501c(6), not-for-profit

association that was formed in 1969 to promote good governance and

improved core local services through professional development, advocacy, and

other services for all types of independent special districts.

Since 1969, CSDA has been offering its members cost-efficient programs and

representation at the State Capitol and boasts a membership of over 1,300

organizations throughout California. CSDA is the only statewide association

representing all types of independent special districts including irrigation, water,

park and recreation, cemetery, fire, police protection, library, utility, harbor,

healthcare, and community services districts...just to name a few.

CSDA provides education and training, insurance programs, legal advice,

industry-wide litigation and public relations support, legislative advocacy, capital

improvement and equipment funding, collateral design services, and, most

importantly, current information that is crucial to a special district's management

and operational effectiveness.

Learn more at

Special Districts are independent public agencies that deliver core local services

to communities, such as Water Utility, Wastewater Treatment, Fire Protection,

Parks and Recreation, Healthcare, Sanitation, Mosquito Abatement, Ports,

Libraries, Public Cemeteries and more. Districts are established by voters and

their funding is approved by voters to meet specific needs through focused

service. They can be specially molded to serve large regions or small

neighborhoods depending on the need.

The GCSD Team is proud of their accomplishments and committed to serving its

constituents with the highest level of professionalism, transparency and

community involvement.

Groveland Community Services District

18966 Ferretti Road, Groveland CA 95321

(209) 962-7161

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