Christina Wilkinson

Member at Large

Christina Wilkinson

Meet Christina Wilkinson, a U.S. Air Force veteran who worked in the publications distribution office for most of her 10-year military career.

With over 31 years of experience in the field of publishing, Christina founded and successfully grew a publishing and advertising agency with her husband, David, in 1990.

She is not only accomplished in publishing, but is skilled in graphic design, marketing, and is an award-winning illustrator and brand developer. Some of her largest publishing clients over the years have been KC Publications, a publisher for books on National Parks, as well as Paul Oxman Publishing, where she produced custom motorcycle calendars and books under licensing through Harley Davidson.

Christina's design clients have included HBO, Death Valley National Park, NASA, David Cassidy (Partridge Family); Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson); magicians Siegfried & Roy; Desi Arnaz, Jr., The Mirage Hotel, The Bellagio Hotel, multiple non profits including and, as well as many local clients such as Around The Horn Brewing Company and new downtown business The Grove Mercantile, opening in 2021.

Christina returned to college full-time in 2013, and earned three AS degrees (National Resources, Forestry, and Geographic Information Systems), and she attends Oregon State University where she is a senior, obtaining her bachelor's degree in natural resources policy and management.

Even as the publisher of AVOW Magazine, her full-time career has her working for the federal government. She is a forestry technician in silviculture where she tends to the health of a national forest.

Christina launches her new magazine, Women Veterans Magazine - California in 2022.

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